School of Sound


Seeking to reach out to the community and help people better understand audio, we offer a range of lectures and seminars hosted by world-class engineers.

Intro to Audio

Come spend an afternoon with our chief engineer, David, who will walk you through the recording process, teaching you the essential mechanics of recording, as well as tips for how you can record your own music or podcast.

David Amlen (Owner & Cheif Engineer) in Studio B of Sound on Sound Studios 2/15/18

Hip-Hop/R&B Production Seminar

Grammy-winning producer Bink!, famous for his work on Jay-Z’s Blueprint joins us for a day-long crash course in his various production techniques, including constructive criticism on your own beats.

Recording BOOTCAMP

To take an in-depth, long-term look at the ins and outs of recording and mixing, Grammy- and Emmy-nominated Engineer Rich Travali has put together a ten-week course to spread his knowledge – provided you’re ready for what he throws at you.



For those looking for an immersive course from a legend with decades of experience, we are joined by Toby Scott, industry veteran and longtime engineer of Bruce Springsteen, for a weekend centered around his techniques and recording wisdom.