(1) DBX 162SL (Stereo)

(2) DBX 165A 

(2) Empirical Labs Distressors

(1) Neve 33609 (Stereo)

(1) Tubetech LCA2B (Stereo)

(2) Urei LA-3A

(8) Neve 1081 Modules

(2) Neve Prism Pres w/ dynamics

(6) Neve Prism EQs

(1) Focusrite RED1 (4 Channel)

(1) GML 8200 (Stereo)

AIR Bundle
Auto-key Autotune-Artist Autotune-EFX Autotune-Pro Autotune-8.1
Altiverb 7
Boz Digital Labs Bundle

Celemony Melodyne 5

Eventide Bundle
Fab Filter Bundle
iZotope RX9 Bundle
Massey Bundle
MC-DSP- Compresor bank, Filter bank, MC 202, MC 303, MC 404

Metric Halo Channel Strip

New Fangled Audio Bundle
Slate Digital Virtual Mix rack, Virtual Mastering Console
Soft tube bundle- Chandler, Drawmer, Empirical Labs, Fix, Marcial, Summit Audio, Tube Tech, Weiss
Sonnox Oxford Bundle
Sound Toys Bundle
Source Connect
STL Tone Hub
UAD Bundle- API, EMT, Fair Child, Manley, Neve, Precision, Pultec, SSL, Teletronix, 1176, 610
Valhalla Bundle
Waves V13, Platinum, & SSL
Complete Avid Bundle


(2) Apogee AD1000E Analog to Digital Convertor

(2) Brainstorm SR-15+

Dolby Digital Audio Encoder DP503

Dolby Digital Audio Decoder DP524

Euphonix FC 727

(1) Conductor stand

(47) Music stands

(18) Aviom private cue systems

(64) Chairs

(5)* Genelec 1031 speakers w/ 7.1 capability, comes with 1094A sub

(2) Genelec 1032 speakers

(5)* B&W 802 Nautilus speakers w/ 5.1 capability

* 5.1 & 7.1 surround setups are available in both rooms by request for an additional charge.