(1) DBX 162SL (Stereo)

(2) DBX 165A 

(2) Empirical Labs Distressors

(1) Neve 33609 (Stereo)

(1) Tubetech LCA2B (Stereo)

(2) Urei LA-3A

(8) Neve 1081 Modules

(2) Neve Prism Pres w/ dynamics

(6) Neve Prism EQs

(1) Focusrite RED1 (4 Channel)

(1) GML 8200 (Stereo)

Waves Platinum V. 9

Waves SSL Bundle V. 9

Audio Ease Altiverb V. 7

Autotune Artist/EFX

Autotune Evo (available as floating iLok)

Fabfilter Suite

Melodyne 4 Studio

UAD Octocard w/ 83 plug-ins

Softtube Suite (Inc. Weiss & TubeTech)

Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Compressor

Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection

Slate Virtual Mix Rack

Eventide Suite

McDSP Compressor Bank

McDSP Filter Bank

McDSP MC2000

Izotope RX8 Advanced

Soundtoys V.5

Massey Suite

Avid Plug-ins

Sonnox Oxford Plugins 

Boz Digital Labs Suite

STL Tonehub


(2) Apogee AD1000E Analog to Digital Convertor

(2) Brainstorm SR-15+

Dolby Digital Audio Encoder DP503

Dolby Digital Audio Decoder DP524

Euphonix FC 727

(1) Conductor stand

(47) Music stands

(18) Aviom private cue systems

(64) Chairs

(5)* Genelec 1031 speakers w/ 7.1 capability, comes with 1094A sub

(2) Genelec 1032 speakers

(5)* B&W 802 Nautilus speakers w/ 5.1 capability

* 5.1 & 7.1 surround setups are available in both rooms by request for an additional charge.