Sound On Sound Studios is a state-of-the-art, spacious, two-room facility featuring a Neve VR and Euphonix S5.

We are extremely proud to announce that our owner/chief engineer David Amlen is the recipient of the Creative Studio Design award at NAMM’s 34th annual TEC awardsFrom all of us at Sound On Sound Studios, we thank you for your recognition.

David Amlen founded Sound on Sound Studios in 1986, and after three decades in midtown Manhattan, the studio has been reborn in nearby Montclair, NJ. During its initial run, Sound on Sound saw the production of 75 gold & platinum-awarded records, totaling more than 100 million records sold worldwide.

Take a tour of our studios with David and studio manager Tony Drootin below:


VR Studio Tour

Take a deeper look at our studio with this interactive VR tour! You can check out our facilities before coming to your session, or simply take a look around and get a feel for Sound On Sound Studios. We also have several “hotspots” built into the tour that allow you to hear samples of some of our microphones and instruments, as well as to meet our studio manager, Tony Drootin, as he walks you through a bit of our history.

Episode 3 of our series, Making Of Sound On Sound Studios, is here! Walk through our studios with David as he describes our Neve VR and Euphonix S5 consoles, as well as our extensive list of outboard gear, the custom-built nature of our rooms, our world-class monitor systems, and much more.

In Episode 1 of our series, “Making Of SOS Studios,” David walks us through the decision to relocate to a nearby suburb of NYC, the creative hotbed of Montclair, NJ, as well as his process in scouting the building and the initial build process for the studios.

In Episode 2, David goes a bit more in depth on his customized designs, including the capabilities of each of room, how they can be used in tandem for up to 160 channels, and the numerous decisions that ultimately gave our studios their unique character.


With a broad depth of experience, we are bringing an established presence to a brand-new facility.



Our studios boast a combined 1800+ square feet of live tracking space – see which is the best fit for your album or project here.


With a wide range of microphones, instruments, and equipment, we are more than equipped to handle your recording needs.